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Traditional camping cottage for four people
From €35.00 / d
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The Kangasjärvi camping site accommodates summer tourists on the shores of the Kangasjärvi lake with clear waters. The traditional camping cottages are very atmospheric, but you can get even closer to the nature in a tent. Everything is close in the cosy campsite. A café and grill, saunas and a beach, as well as service buildings are nearby. 

The cottage for two people includes:

  • Electric heating
  • Mattresses, blankets and pillows
  • Cooking utensils and cutlery
  • A hob
  • A refrigerator with a freezer compartment
  • 2 bunk beds for 4 people

Cleaning and linen

Guests must bring their own sheets or rent them separately from the reception. You must not sleep in the bed without sheets. You must use a bottom sheet and a pillowcase when sleeping in a sleeping bag. Please note, that the cottage price does not include the sheets or the final cleaning of the cottage.

Age requirements

Check-in is for adults only. Minors need to be in the company of guardians.


The cottages won't be reserved or handed to people under 20 years old. Under 20 year olds must have a guardian with them on Midsummer. This is also true for tent and caravan accommodations. We can't accommodate youth groups on Midsummer.